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You can't even build one yourself this cheap. $50 down for most websites and $10/month pays for name, server, everything!

Please consider the offer and neat stuff regarding saving the SS United States…


This may be of interest to you. It's about the SS United States and its looming fate if not saved from the scrap yard.

The email below is from Susan Gibbs, the granddaughter of ship's designer, William Francis Gibbs, America's most notable navalarchitect. She was President of the Conservancy when I served on her Board for several years. The Board reorganized upon its bold purchase of the ship in February 2011, my term ended (but not my support!), and Susan became Executive Director of the realigned Conservancy with a focus on major fund-raising and national awareness.

The story is about your personal opportunity to Save Our Ship. Funds raised by the cleverly-designed campaign will be used to fully restore the exterior of the nearly 1000 foot-long ship to her former glory.  They will also be used toward developing a 20,000 square foot museum and educational facilities on board the vessel to showcase the history, culture and technology of the 20thcentury post-war period. 

The interactive link is  Just click and let it load, then navigate around and find a spot you want to claim. Each square inch of the ship's surface can be purchased for a $1 donation.

The link to the Conservancy's home page to get more information is

Thanks for giving this once-in-a-lifetime cause your consideration.

All the best,

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